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The City of Rome

$5000.00 +
The late Mr. Gordon Leiter – In Memory of Peggy Leiter
Drs. Julia and Dhru Girard

$2500.00 +
Synovus/Citizens First Bank
Anonymous Gift
Brian and Emily Beals
Barb and John Beninato
Fran and Rick Buice
Dr. and Mrs. Roman Galysh
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Gilbert
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Win Myers
JT and Megan Watters

Publix Supermarket Charities
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bailey
Rev. and Mrs. Larry Caywood
Dr. Gayland Cooper – In Memory of Barbara Cooper
Sylvia and Randy Eidson
Dr. and Mrs. Raul Gonzalez
Amanda and David Hale
Heyman Family Foundation
Cheryl M. Huffman – In Memory of Adies Holiday, Wayne Walker & Don Everett
Buford Harbin – In Memory of Edith Lester Harbin
Ann W. Leigh – In Memory of Dr. Richard W. Leigh
Mr. and Mrs. Armin Maier, III
Jim and Linda Owens
Holly and Jarrett Shadday
Lynn and Joel Todino
Dr. Wesley C. Walraven
David and Lisa Wilson

$500.00 +
Brinson, Askew, Berry, Seigler, Richardson & Davis, LLP
Network for Good
State Mutual Insurance Company
Patti and Mike Barron
W. Frank Barron Jr.
Sid and JoAnn Bell
Brian and Theresa Dulaney
Mr. Roger Edens
John and Susan Fisher
Dr. and Mrs. George Goldin
Peter Hill
Villa Hizer
Dianne Hix
Dr. Steven Hom – In Memory of Linda M. Hom
Thomas D. and Melodie Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. David Ledbetter
Drs. Jacqueline and Eric McDowell
Jeffrey and Shelly Peller
Phoebe Carol Pomeroy
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Santoro

$250.00 +
Heritage First Bank
Law Office of J. Andrew Owens
Sue Anderson
Fran and Harris Bagley
Annette and Bill Banks – In Memory of George G. Griffin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Bowling
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Collins – In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Byington
Charlene Covington – In Memory of Athlene Forsyth
Dr. Ken and Laura Davis
The Donner Family
Susi Edwards
Ferne and Bob Gibson
Libba and Bob Harbin
Guy and Virginia Hunter – In Memory of John G. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. James Keaten
Mary and John Kirkland
Betty Wright Ledbetter
Mary and Jack McGuffey
Rich and Barb Molnar
Linda Parrish
Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Snead
Laurie Steber
Lanny Thomas

$100.00 +
Dempsey Lord & Smith, LLC – In Honor of Barbara Beninato
Mary Ann and King Askew
Belvenia Attaway
Ms. June Barron
Capt. and Mrs. Randy Bratton
Barbara Briley
Dan Caesar
Martha Cates
Marsha Dempsey – In Memory of Wayne Dempsey
Janice Dismuke
Rob and Frances Edwards
Paula and Basil Englis
Ms. Penny Evans-Plants
J. Paul Ferguson, MD
Jim Ford
Hal and Mickey Gosnell
Debbie Greeson – In Memory of Dan Greeson
Martha Ann Haley
Dr. and Mrs. Bannester Harbin, Jr.
Susan and David Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hine
Mr. and Mrs. I. Arnold Hoge – In Memory of Louise Arnold and Ivan A. Hoge
Mrs. J. Robert Johnson
Fran Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. William Jordan
Sue Anne and Tony Kalkus
Lee F. and Carolyn Lawler
Sue Hamler Lee – In Memory of Freda and Bruce Hamler
George and Pat Mack
Betty Zane Morris
Stephen and Kimberly Moseley
Monisha and Himanshu Patel
Karen and Fred Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pinson
Ann W. Pullen
Mimi and Hal Richards
Dois S. Rogers
Wayne and Jeanettia Rush
Jamie and Steve Safigan
Mr. and Mrs. James Seagraves
Sheilah Robison Shealy – In Memory of Dr. and Mrs. William H. Robison
Nancy and S. David Smith, Jr.
David F. and Nancy Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Smith
Bill and Betty Sparks
Laurie Steber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steinbruegge
Dr. Jo Stegall, Jr
Martha Tapia
David S. and Linda Hoge Wilkin – In Memory of Louse Arnold and Ivan A. Hoge
Lowell and Sondra Wilkins
Virginia and Jay Word – In Honor of Elsie and Lester Steele

John and Ann Bennett
Barbara and Ed Brewster
Erin Brown
Joanne Campbell
Meredith Cieri
Bill and Mary Charles Conner
Tom and Linda Couch
John Dicken
Phyllis Edson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gilbert
Mrs. Edith Gray
Lloyd and Donna Griffin
Jane Harris
Sara Hiern
William and Janice Knight
BA Lewis
Jerry M. Littlefield
Kyser Lough
Jim and Nancy McCallie
Marie and Robert Middlemas
Terry and Janet Morris
Greg and Donna Polley
David and Brenda Pool
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rudert
Barbara Schulz
Dr. G. T. and Susanna Smith
Kathy Smith
William Suffill
Mr. and Mrs. James Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard White
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wright, III
Dr. Pam Young

Special Thanks

Romega Digital
Alto Computer
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Blackburn
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Grajzar|
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lindsey
Ms. Bernice Little
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Murphy
Adidti Sharma
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Thornton
Ms. Carol Upton
Mr. Patrick Villarraga
Dr. Sylvia Washington
Ms. Diane Wagner
Mrs. Raynell Waters