Subscribers & Donors

(Edith Lester Harbin Memorial)
A Friend of the Symphony

RAVEL $5000
(Helen Dean Rhodes Memorial)
Mr. Gordon Leiter, In Memory of Peggy Leiter

(Louise A. Hoge Memorial)
Citizens First Bank/Synovus
State Mutual Insurance Company
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Beninato
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Buice
Cowan Family Fund and
the Community Foundation for Rome
Mr. and Mrs. Armin Maier
Mr. and Mrs. Winfield Myers

WAGNER $1000
Profile Custom Extrusions
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barron, Sr.
Rev. and Mrs. Larry Caywood
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Chin
Dr. and Mrs. Gayland Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Eidson
Dr. and Mrs. Roman Galysh, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Gilbert
Mrs. Harold Hunter, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Urs Maire
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McGuffey
Mr. and Mrs. David Newby
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Todino
Dr. Wesley C. Walraven and Mr. Brian Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Walstad

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bailey
Mr. W. Frank Barron, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cook
Mr. Roger Edens
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elliott
Dr. and Mrs. Raul Gonzalez
Dr. and Mrs. George Goldin
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Greeson
Dr. and Mrs. David Hale
Dr. Buford Harbin
Mrs. Barrie Hiern
Mr. Lyons Heyman
Ms. Cheryl Huffman, In Memory of Don Everett,
Adies Holliday and Wayne Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. J. Andrew Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Keaten
Mr. Carey Smith and Dr. Kris Carlisle
Mr. Lanny Thomas, In Memory of Susan Thomas

A Friend of the Symphony
Mrs. Randall Anderson, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harris Bagley
Mrs. Dean Covington, In Memory of Athlene Forsyth
Ms. Janice Dismuke
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Durkee
Dr. Paul Ferguson
Ms. Dianne Hix
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Holt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lee
Dr. Jerry Littlefield
Dr. and Mrs. Middlemas, III
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Safigan
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Snead
Mrs. Elaine Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Tierney
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Voccio
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard White
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Wilkins

MOZART $50 and above
Dr. Julie Barnes and Mr. Tony Barnes
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Bell
Mr. and Mrs. John Bennett
Mrs. Robert Cates
Mrs. Renate Corbin
Ms. Marsha Dempsey, In Memory of Wayne Dempsey
Dr. Ouida Dickey
Mrs. J. Reed Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. John Hine
Ms. Villa Hizer
Mr. and Mrs. I. Arnold Hoge, In Memory of Louise Arnold Hoge and Ivan A. Hoge
Mrs. Arthur James
Ms. Patricia Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. William Knight
Dr. and Mrs. Ted Llorente
Mr. Samuel Moss, III
Ms. Linda Parish
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Piller
Ms. Ann Pullen
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wayne Rush
Dr. and Mrs. James Santoro

MS. Lucille Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Bonner
Ms. Joanne Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Clark
Ms. Susan Day
Ms. Rickey Dorman
Dr. and Mrs. William P. Fambro
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Flippen
Dr. Lavone Fore and Mr. Mack Karesh
Mr. Robert Frevert
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Harrison
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hortman
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hubbard
Mrs. W. Pope Jordan
Dr. and Mrs. Todd Kelley
Ms. Cathy Kerce
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson King
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kislat
Ms. Diann Kothe
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Luthi
Ms. June Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mozley
Mrs. David Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Paracka
Ms. Brenda Pool
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rhiner
Drs. Jack and Sara Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Shiflett
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William Sparks
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stieglitz
Ms. Jane Weathers
Ms. Jane Wentworth
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Woodward, In Memory of Peggy Leiter